There is a long time, since nooby me published first comic. The first reaction when i saw it printed was ‘wtf?!’ because it looked lame XD

That’s all because i scanned it in grayscale and use random screentones (i mean i thought that was screentons lol XD ).  I didn’t have any idea what b&w is and all things I should know. But nowadays, even i still make mistakes, my comics looks way better in print. I decided to share the basics, which are helpful to draw comic (i hope XD )

So first, the paper. For ‘Meago Saga’ vol. 1 and 2 i used normal paper for printers (A4 size). But now, thanks to Goku, i have a possibility to use something better (but still it is able to make a comic with normal paper XD ).

I’m writing about special comic paper (‘Deleter’ in this case):

It’s more thick than normal paper, and the amount of sheets is limited. In normal pack of printing paper there are about 500sheets, and here is 40 :C plus it’s way more expensive than normal paper, but i think i started to like it, so i’m thinking to buy more in the (but not near) future. It has some advantages:

It haz rullers and margins, and it helps to make straight frames, and not only. Generally it is helpful. Also the lines are in CYAN so it means, that these lines are not visible in black&white scanning.

Next thing is that it has more smooth texture than normal paper. You can see the difference between normal paper (left) and Deleter paper (right). It is more comfortable while drawing C:


Now, enough about the paper. Lets talk about tools. I prefer Ink and nib, cause it gives specific type of lines. But that doesn’t mean that i don’t use pens. I’m using them a lot ❤ but I have special requirements. They must be Ink pens, waterproof, non-blending. Another advantage of these kind of liners is the various size of tip/thickness. They are perfect for crosshatching, shading with lines, and for backgrounds C:

Recently i bought pretty nice ones ‘Millenium’ Liners

I have also sakura micron liners, they’re good too. (picture somewhere from the internet)

Uni-pins liners are fine too (even if they are not my favourite). Again picture from the internet

As i wrote earlier, I’m used to ink and nibs. I like them so much because i can make specific lines. Also, the ink black is deep and it’s not fading while erasing the pencil. Drawing by nibs needs a little practise, and it can be very annoying sometimes XD I have few, because i’m too lazy to change the nibs all the time.

My favourite is the little cheap one, Leonardt nib (red one on the left). On the picture below, you can see how the lines looks.

I am sorry, but i don’t have my desk for traditional drawing, and i don’t have much space to draw, i can’t rest my elbows anywhere, and generally there’s not very confortable here now,  so the lines looks very rough and poor :C



Now i will show all scanning process.

First i have a picture (lol, not so pretty, sorry XD )

Next i’m erasing the pencil and put the picture  in my scanner, and set the options to black&white and 600dpi (or 1200 if u want). As you see the cyan rullers and margins are totally invisible.

The lines are totally black, and there is no need (and possibility XD)  to adjust the scan.

On the picture below, you can see how it looks when it is set on grayscale mode. Also, the lines are visible.


And now, there is how the picture looks scanned in black&white mode on 600dpi, 100% zoom. It is a bitmap. Doesn’t looks beautiful XD


But just now, i’m changing it into grayscale mode, and I’m changing the dpi from 600 t0 300 (600 may stay, but i like work on 300 XD )


And now how the picture looks. Much better:

It’s still not enough resized. I’m generally scaning the A4-B4 size pages and later, after changing into grayscale and 300dpi, I’m cropping the picture for the print size ( I’m printing in A5)

I will show the real example.

This is random (unimportant)  page/s, made in traditional. I used Ink pens here, cause  i forgot to buy new nibs and ink, and i was too lazy to do it, also i didn’t (and still don’t) have a space for drawing by ink and nibs :C


And now some examples of scanned parts of pages in B&W and after all actions I wrote above. The black is BLACK, there are no any black marker’s smudges, etc. Also 100% zoom (print image size)


And here some comparision between 100% zoom, and zoomed out images:


What about screentones?


Well i luckily had a possibity to get a photoshop plugin called “Powertone”. It’s really good tool, and very easy to use. All screentons are in bitmap, and there is a possibility to set them how i like. Also there is a big library of various screentones available (from classic dots, gradients and noises, to fruit patterns, sparkles, flowers, clouds, lines etc).

But before i’ve get powertone, I used exported (to bitmap and 300dpi) screentones from “manga studio” software. Many screentones were the same like in the powertone, and even some of them are not in powertone, so i’m still using some bitmaps from there.

Also, there are many sites with free screentones for download, even only some of them are good for  printing comics, there are enough good for online ones ^^ I don’t remember now all the sites with screentons, but it just need to type ‘screentones download’ or something like that on google, and ta~damm XD


So yeah, If you’re making comic too, i wish you all the best with it, and some important things like, lots of patience (!), no rush, and determination ❤


-Take care