The Reids Map (beta version)

August 26, 2010

hi gaizzz ;u;

Recently i’ve had some fun (?) and tried to develop the map from my universe (in “The Reids” and “Meago Saga”) i love geography, but i totally sux in giving specific names, especialy geographical  OTL Yesterday i sit on my bed and i was like “omg that’s soo hard ;;A;; ”

I have few names already which i thought up earlier, but now when i’m building a map i have black hole in the head :C

I don’t have towns, cities, countries (except Seaside and Almania) and names for such things like mountains, seas, lakes etc.

-So if you like to create names plz help me a little? ;;3;;

i would like to collect many names and put them into my map ;u;

So this is the map (click to enlarge) this is cropped part of all continent, these lines are the frontiers of countres

p.s. ignore that some scribbles with Bob’s family XD


22 Responses to “The Reids Map (beta version)”

  1. Kris Says:

    Trochę Europę przypomina 😛 Jeżeli chodzi o nazwy miast/rzek/gór itp. to sorry nic nie pomogę bo sam mam problemy z wymyślaniem takich nazw xD (co ciekawe imiona i nazwiska jakoś jestem w stanie wymyślać 😛 )

    • meago Says:

      a no w sumie, akurat ten kawalek faktycznie podobny XD
      w ogole same here -u- nazwiska i imiona jeszcze jak cie moge, ale reszta to masakra

  2. Hakashi Says:

    Jest taki fajny generator nazw geograficznych, z których ja często korzystam @w@ Już szukam…

    • meago Says:

      aw jakie fajne 8D
      ale strasznie bardzo fantasy brzmiace nazwy mi generuje – chyba ze zle szukam XD
      ale dzienks, bende sie bawic i moze mnie jakas nazwa zainspiruje *u*

  3. Aya Says:

    So.. we are supposed to give you as many names as possible? o-o

    I have quite a few I could give if you wanted

  4. Akamai Says:

    Kilka przyszło mi do głowy. Może coś wykorzystasz 🙂

    Mossy Volcano
    Snake Valley
    North Oyster Shore
    Bow Lake
    Blue Shark Coast
    Purple Spell River

  5. speedy Says:

    Some names I can give are “Janton”, “Siouxons” (pronounced “sue-on”), and Korbeh.

    If you need more, ask me.

  6. More exotic sounding:

    Lunian Mountain (like lunar for moon)
    Sazuan Plain
    Cluthien Shore
    Cluthien Penninsula
    Carian Mountain (if one is like foreboding or menacing)
    Nuez Island
    Ishmal Forest
    Frets Cove

    More normal sounding names:

    Shallow Cove
    Boots Penninsula
    Seer Mountain
    Smokey Forest
    Petit Outpost
    Grey Shore
    Apex Mountain

  7. KeZe Says:

    For countries, I have a few:

    “The country of Leman”
    “The country of Defian” (think defiance)
    “The country of Malita”
    “The country of Caranua”
    “The country of Raima”
    For seas/lakes:
    “Gulf of Lombay”
    “The Malevolent sea”
    “Lake Teral”
    “Gethain Bay”
    “Haelstrom Strait”
    If you need a name for an ocean:
    “The Almania Ocean” 😛
    “Ocean of Jabal”
    “Lemenia Ocean”
    “Judicia Ocean”
    I may post some more at another time if you need it. I’m one of your watchers, so I’ll check to see if you still need help or not X3

  8. wha-a-t Says:

    What about


  9. Phoebe Says:

    Hi i think you should have mountains called:
    .Duckmoore mountain (you say it like Dukemoore insted of Duckmoore :D)
    .Sackle Hill
    .Dragon pearch
    Forests called:
    .Blue mist forest
    .Dark hill valley (no one goes in there cause its a little bit like silent hill full oh deformed deamons lol (yes i do have a wierd mind :P))
    Countries called:
    .Deamona (but is said like Demoa :D)
    If you want more from me just email me 😀

  10. Chocobun Says:

    Here are some random (odd sounding) names ^_^ :

    Hope these give you some ideas! ^_^

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