hi gaizzz ;u;

Recently i’ve had some fun (?) and tried to develop the map from my universe (in “The Reids” and “Meago Saga”) i love geography, but i totally sux in giving specific names, especialy geographical  OTL Yesterday i sit on my bed and i was like “omg that’s soo hard ;;A;; ”

I have few names already which i thought up earlier, but now when i’m building a map i have black hole in the head :C

I don’t have towns, cities, countries (except Seaside and Almania) and names for such things like mountains, seas, lakes etc.

-So if you like to create names plz help me a little? ;;3;;

i would like to collect many names and put them into my map ;u;

So this is the map (click to enlarge) this is cropped part of all continent, these lines are the frontiers of countres

p.s. ignore that some scribbles with Bob’s family XD